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"We met with Accurants' representative and we were able to set up an agreement in a hurry. The QuickBooks information for our flooring company Floors 2 Luv required some help. It was very disorganized and unbalanced. They did a great job in balancing and organizing all of the past data. They have closed us out monthly since as promised without a hitch. We recommend Accurants to anyone needing the services they provide."

Tony & Cynthia Batista 
 Floors 2 Luv

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Denver & Elisza Brownlee, Partners
 Brownlee & Associates

"Accurants is a great solution for small business owners seeking software for their business management needs. Accurants' bookkeeping services really helped my business get the outlook that it needed to know where it stands and where it can improve. You need a human touch for these kinds of business services and the company understands this. I would recommend their services to any owner who wants an expert to take the lead, giving them the time to pay attention to their business."

Denise McGettrick
Law Office of Denise McGettrick

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Ramya Krishnan, CEO 

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